Q: What services does GZP's Party Central offer?

   Q: Is it free to post events?

   Q: Do I need to set-up an account to be able to post events?

   Q: Who can edit/delete an event?

   Q: How can I delete an event?

   Q: How can I submit an event?

   A: Party hosts may post events, for the general public to read about and attend.
   A: Yes. There is no charge for hosts to post their event information.
   A: No. Whenever an event form is filled out, the last 2 fields are *email* and *password*. This information is used to confirm your identity when attempting to edit/delete an event.
   A: You can only edit/delete an event if you know the email and password, which were provided when the event was created.
   A: To delete an event, go to the event page. In the upper right corner click DELETE. Confirm your identity; confirm the deletion and your event is deleted.
   A: Click SUBMIT EVENT on the top navigation bar. Fill out the form, providing information for your event. Submit the form and confirm the information you entered. An email is sent to you for your records, with the password and link to the event post.

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